1.5 Million Dollars! 75 Meter Concrete Pump was Sold

75-Meter Concrete Pump Price

After emerging Schwing in 2012, XCMG took advantage of Schwing concrete pump technology and designed a 75-meter concrete pump. And this biggest concrete pump of XCMG-SCHWING was sold to a customer in Jiangsu, China for a project of over 20 floors. The sold price is about USD 1.5million!

75-Meter Concrete Pump Design

The design difficulty of the long-arm concrete pump is how to deal with the balance between the length of the boom and the chassis, especially for a concrete pump with a 75-meter boom. Therefore, it’s a typical case to make this 75m concrete pump which combined the Chinese and German technology.

In the chassis part, this 75-meter concrete pump is mounted on a Mercedes Actros 6555 12×6 heavy truck. Before, Sany 72-meter concrete pump also used the same chassis, which was equipped with a maximum output of 405Kw. The (551hp) V8 diesel engine is absolutely powerful.

After fixing with the boom, the length of the whole pump reaches 17.56 meters, and the total weight of the whole vehicle is 64 tons. And it can meet the minimum 25° approach angle and the maximum 10° departure angle, which is very helpful for improving its passability.


The Mercedes-Benz chassis has always been the first choice for the long-armed concrete pump because of its good stability and low failure rate. The Mercedes-Benz chassis is also excellent in terms of fuel economy. For this 75-meter concrete pump, Mercedes-Benz chassis is a well designed as well.

The front and rear outriggers of the concrete pump are designed with swing type. This design is relatively simple. Compared to the X-shaped legs, the assembly process requirements are lower. And the swinging outriggers are also very convenient to operate, suitable for this type of long-arm concrete pump.

In the arm section, this car adopts the bionic 7-section arm design, all of which are Q235B high-strength low-carbon steel. It is an all-steel boom. And the boom can achieve 360° all-around placing with high flexibility.

What’s the biggest concrete pump have you operated? Share with us!

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