CICEE, China’s first large-scale construction machinery exhibition since the epidemic, is the industry recovering?

The 3rd Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition with the theme of “high-end, intelligent, green – a new generation of construction machinery” will be grandly held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center and Changsha International Convention Center from May 12 to 15, 2023 . This exhibition is the largest exhibition in China’s construction machinery industry after the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy. Eight highlights, including higher degree of participation by the entire public, better platform functions, and better transaction results.

The global brand status and influence of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition have been enhanced again, and the attractiveness and appeal of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have also been continuously strengthened.

1. Build a new format of the whole industry chain platform

This exhibition is the first large-scale international exhibition after the implementation of the “National IV” standard for construction machinery. Exhibitors, exhibits, and more than 1,200 new products and technologies released, new technologies, new materials, new construction methods, new energy and other technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, constantly urging the update and iteration of global construction machinery products, showing intelligence, digitization, and electrification , The new trend of unmanned development, electrification, energy saving, emission reduction, and consumption reduction have become the industry’s vane. Factors such as “machine replacement of labor”, digital intelligence empowerment, and improvement of emission standards are becoming new main driving forces for the development of the industry.

Regional cooperation in the industry is another new highlight of this exhibition. Shandong, Zhejiang and Hunan, the three major construction machinery provinces in China, jointly held the “International Construction Machinery Industry Chain Development Conference”, and jointly signed the “Proposal for Strengthening Regional Industrial Chain Collaboration and Promoting High-quality Development of Construction Machinery Industry”.

2. Promote the high-quality development of construction machinery

This year’s exhibition, the level of high-end, intelligent, and green has been significantly improved. Hundreds of equipment such as electric loaders, electric excavators, electric cranes, electric wide-body vehicles, electric aerial work platforms, electric forklifts, electric skid steer loaders, electric rotary drilling rigs, electric pallet trucks, and electric single-wheel road rollers And the core parts and components fully demonstrate the technological innovation and leading technology in the field of electrification from the whole machine to the core components.

Caterpillar and its subsidiary brand SEM exhibited the latest “National IV Emission” series products of excavators, graders, bulldozers and loaders for the first time in China; more than 10 electric star equipment of Liugong were fully unveiled; Hitachi 90-ton excavator , Volvo large-scale paver and other exhibited products are all China IV emission standards; Terex exhibited the J-1175 crawler crusher and heavy screen 883+ specially exhibited for the exhibition from the UK, both of which are mobile crushing and screening industries Classic models; Zoomlion exhibited the world’s largest tonnage all-terrain crane ZAT24000H with a height of 175 meters (the highest exhibit on the exhibition site), and the world’s first new steel-based composite boom pump truck with completely independent intellectual property rights, etc. Superstar products: SANY 71m and 65m S series full-regulation pump trucks, “wind power weapon” 750-ton all-terrain crane, “Mine Overlord” SY650H-S and “hard-core King Kong” SKT105S, the golden partner is mighty and domineering, The Sany Electric Legion, composed of 28 sets of various machines, assembled in shock, fully demonstrating the research and development strength and achievements of Sany Electric; the 60-meter ultra-high straight arm TB58RJ Plus exhibited by Xingbang Intelligent adopts 5-section boom synchronous telescopic technology and Patented X chassis.

In addition, a group of specialized and new enterprises, such as Guangxi Mesta, Shanxi Taizhong, Jiangsu Hongchang Tianma, Tianjin Nuohao, Henan Yutong, Shandong Wittmann, and Zhongwei Zhuote, brought a variety of advantageous products to the exhibition and became a new force in the exhibition.

At the same time, the “intelligent and unmanned construction machinery performance” of this exhibition has a total of 9 performances in five days, and more than 10 new construction machinery performance programs have been launched. The explosive programs have become the highlights of the audience.

3.The global influence of the exhibition has further increased

Since the first Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was held in 2019, it has been held every two years and has been held three times. In 2019, the first exhibition achieved an exhibition area of ​​210,000 square meters, over 1,000 companies participated in the exhibition (including 24 of the top 50 global construction machinery main engine brands), attracted 180,000 visitors, and the on-site transaction volume exceeded 20 billion yuan. people grades. In 2021, the second Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will hit a new high, with an exhibition area of ​​300,000 square meters, 30 global top 50 main engine brands of construction machinery participating in the exhibition, 300,000 visitors, and on-site transaction volume exceeding 40 billion yuan .

In 2023, the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will make history again. This exhibition has attracted 1,502 exhibitors from all over the world, with an exhibition area of ​​over 300,000 square meters, and over 350,000 visitors. The transaction amount reached 536 100 million. A total of 6 major events, 7 main events, 2 event performances, more than 100 conference forums and inter-enterprise business negotiation and docking activities were held in this exhibition.

Azerbaijan, Gambia, Guyana, Uganda, Suriname, Philippines, Afghanistan, Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal, Laos, Indonesia, Israel, South Africa, Thailand, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, More than 33 foreign missions to China, international organizations, international business associations, and international business organizations from Austria, Singapore, Togo, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, India, and Cambodia attended the opening ceremony. During the exhibition, the organizing committee and exhibitors invited more than 2,000 international buyers from construction contractors, builders, and lessors from 60 countries to participate in the exhibition.

The degree of globalization of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has been significantly improved, and a world-class international exhibition has taken shape.

4.Thousands of miles to “Xiang” meeting, welcoming guests from all over the world

With aspirations all over the world, thousands of miles are still neighbors. Starting from 2021, the Organizing Committee of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will successively carry out the “Global Ten Cities Hundred Association Thousands of Enterprise brand promotion “Thousands of Miles” activity, visited more than 100 domestic and foreign industry associations, and communicated with thousands of industry companies face to face.

This exhibition is a grand event for the global construction machinery industry, and it is also a grand event for the participation of all people. The “Public Open Day” has attracted countless local and foreign students and children, allowing the next generation to appreciate the charm of heavy equipment from a big country, which is the real future of construction machinery.

Original source from journal of construction machinery

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