A New Concrete Pumping Record! 7 Truck Pumps Poured 27,000m³ Of Concrete In 48 Hours!

Lately, the concrete pumping record has been refreshed by Shanghai Construction Engineering who poured 27,000m³ of concrete in 48 hours, creating a new record for the construction of the deepest large-scale concrete foundation.

This is a T2 tower project which up to 370 meters located at the Hongqiao Road in the center of Xujiahui, Shanghai. After the completion of this super high-rise building, it will replace the 320-meter-high Baiyulan Square in the future and become the highest building in Puxi, Shanghai. 

The difficulty of high-rise buildings is the foundation. In this project, the workers of Shanghai Construction Engineering spent nearly 500 days, working hard day and night, and completed the excavation work of nearly 34,000 square meters of foundation pits in 5 sub-districts. The deepest pit is 37.2 meters, equivalent to 12 floors height. And its total excavation volume reached 1.1 million cubic meters, and the average daily excavation volume was nearly 3,000 cubic meters. In such a prosperous metropolitan center as Shanghai, it’s much more difficult to dig such a huge foundation pit. 

After the foundation pit, the next difficult step is to pour concrete for the base floor. According to the building height, the concrete floor thickness will reach 6 meters. Large-volume concrete pouring makes it difficult to ensure that the concrete is evenly heated. If the heat is not even, cracks will occur and the quality of the building will be affected. However, this problem was well solved by experienced engineers. 

In order to ensure the high efficiency and continuity of concrete pouring, they were using 7 units of SANY C8 truck-mounted concrete pump for the foundation pit at the same time. In order to ensure safety, technicians used BIM technology and the original automatic pit monitoring system to preview the “pit” process in advance in the computer, scientifically predict the deformation speed and extent of the foundation pit, and then optimize the construction plan.

After 48 hours of continuous working, the concrete pouring work of this super large foundation pit was successfully completed, and the concrete used exceeded 27,000 cubic meters. The new record of pouring the deepest foundation in Shanghai construction was born. 

The challenge is not only the problem of continuous pouring of large-volume concrete, but also a test of the performance of these seven truck pumps. Continuous work for 48 hours is indeed a great test for the stability of the chassis, engine, top-loading hydraulic system, and the stability and durability of the boom.

As early as 2002, a construction company in the United States also used 17 truck pumps to pour concrete for a base floor at the same time.

At the beginning of the concrete pouring, 17 truck pumps surrounded the entire construction site. In order to ensure the continuity of the pouring, the construction company dispatched 259 truck mixers to participate in the concrete transportation task. In the end, 17 pump trucks were poured with 13502 cubic yards of concrete (about 10,323 cubic meters). Moreover, during the entire construction process, no truck pump moved its position.

In terms of the number of truck pumps involved, this project had also set a record. However, from the concrete casting volume, as well as the construction time, and the amount of concrete pumped by each pump truck, the Shanghai project was more efficient. With less than half of the equipment, it completed two times more concrete pumping tasks. This construction efficiency truly explains the “China speed” in the infrastructure field.

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