Do You Change The Hydraulic Oil Of The Concrete Pump Correctly?

The hydraulic system is the key to the truck pump. Because the boom, the main cylinder, etc. are all powered by the hydraulic system. Once the hydraulic system has problems, it is likely that some operation on the truck pump cannot be completed, which is called hydraulic faults. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the hydraulic system is very important, and hydraulic oil as a transmission medium is also very important in the entire hydraulic system. So, do you change the hydraulic oil of the concrete pump correctly? Check the below points.

1. Daily maintenance of the hydraulic system

  • Check daily whether the hydraulic oil is emulsified. Generally, it is caused by the infiltration of moisture into the hydraulic oil. You need to drain the pump tank regularly.
  • Check the pump oil level gauge to ensure that the hydraulic oil level cannot be lower than the minimum working level when working normally, and it needs to be added immediately once it’s below the liquid level.
  • Check if the pump cooling system is working properly.
  • Check if there is oil leakage in the hydraulic pipeline.
  • The mixing system and the transfer case are prone to leakage of hydraulic oil. Generally, the hydraulic oil in the mixing system enters the water, and the oil enters the hydraulic system. Thus, once the mixing system is found to have oil leakage, please replace the seal in time.

2. Hydraulic system maintenance time

Hydraulic oil of Concrete pumps which work regularly need to be replaced every six months. The hydraulic oil of the whole equipment needs to be replaced, and the filter elements as well. The main cylinder and the boom cylinders need to be drained. It is better to clean the tank completely. There may be some metal solid waste at the bottom of the tank, which needs to be glued out with plasticine. 

Many concrete pump owners do not pay attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil may be replaced once a year or two, and the oil may have turned black. This will easily damage parts such as hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps. However, the maintenance cost of these components is not low, so the normal maintenance of the equipment is very necessary.

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