New legend begins: Mercedes-Benz Arocs chassis for concrete machinery

Speaking to truck brands for concrete pump, everyone knows and trusts Mercedes-Benz Actros which has more than 60% market share of concrete pump chassis. ZOOMLION, SANY, PUTZMEISTER, SCHWING and CIFA, they are all big users of Mercedes-Benz Actros because of its excellent performance and stability.

This September, the last unit of Actros was delivered to SANY in Mercedes-Benz German truck factory. At the same time, Actros’ successor Arocs came onto the stage. 

“The last Actros pump chassis, mission completed. The first Arocs pump chassis, new legend begins. “

Mercedes-Benz positions Arocs as an all-round chassis, designed for off-road and retrofitting. It is based on Mercedes-Benz ’s latest Euro VI emission standard platform. While improving product performance, the durability of the power system is better, and it can cope with more severe and harsh use environments. Arocs all-round chassis has a 10% increase in ground clearance, which can better adapt to rugged road conditions. As a pump truck chassis, it has great advantages.

Compared with Actros, the material strength of the Arocs beam has been improved, the suspension is also more solid, with a larger approach angle, passage angle and ground clearance of the front and rear bridges, giving the Arocs chassis a stronger carrying capacity and better performance of passability. Two types of wide and narrow beams are available. The 744mm narrow beam has better torsion resistance and matches the leaf spring suspension. The 834mm wide beam has better dynamic stability and matches the air suspension.

In terms of power, it is equipped with an OM473 inline 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 16L and a maximum output of 578 horsepower. The advantages of the inline engine are its simpler structure and good low-speed torque characteristics, which can make the vehicle more robust at low speeds. And it will also improve fuel economy and reduce pollutant emissions.

In fact, in the European market, Mercedes-Benz Arocs has already been applied to concrete pump chassis. Concrete machinery manufacturers including Putzmeister, Liebherr, CIFA, Schwing are all Mercedes-Benz Arocs customers.

At the 2019 Bauma (Construction Machinery Show) exhibition in Munich this April, CIFA announced the world’s first plug-in hybrid mixing concrete pump truck-MK28E. It’s equipped with a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3246 8×4 chassis. The vehicle is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz model OM470 engine, with a maximum output of 335kW and a maximum torque of 2200N.m.

In addition, CIFA also has a 6-axle carbon fiber boom pump truck with a maximum length of 67 meters in the European market. It uses a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 6551 6-axle chassis. The total body load of the truck is 65 tons. It has an additional load of 15 tons compared with the previous model. In terms of the number of axles, it has reached the maximum number of axles in this range: the 6-axle 12×4 drive method. 

In terms of power, it is equipped with an OM471 engine from Mercedes-Benz, 375kW, 510 horsepower, and a maximum torque of 2500N.m, which meets Euro 6 emission standards.

As the successor of Mercedes-Benz Actros, we see the strength of Arocs, which represents the benchmark for the next generation of high-performance engineering vehicle chassis.

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