Putzmeister Quick-Disamount Design On The Boom

Concrete placing boom is a kind of concrete casting equipment. Its function is to cast concrete within a specific area which is much more convenient than manual casting. There are two types of placing boom in terms of its structure and using features: Manual Type and Stationary Type. The stationary type can be categorized into inner climbing and ship loading.

The picture above shows the structure of a classic manual type. More precisely, it is actually a concrete pump pipes bracket. It is used together with a stationary pump. It can be rotated 360° during construction. Pouring concrete in the work area can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the construction workers and also improve construction efficiency.

As shown in the above picture, it is a stationary-type placing boom which provides a “Z” fold type. It is called stationary placing boom because its rotary table position is fixed,. At the same time, its boom can also rotate 360°, and after the boom unfolds, it can reach the three-dimensional space without dead angle concrete pouring point. As same as the truck pump, it uses a wireless remote controller. Comparing to manual type, this one has a longer boom and bigger construction area. However, the price is also higher.

Inner climbing placing boom is usually used for higher buildings. Same as the inner climbing tower crane, this placing boom has a fixed foundation to support the boom on the top. And it can increase its height along with the building gets higher and higher.

However, the disadvantage of inner-climbing placing boom is it can only be installed on a fixed rotary table. It will be at the site even you don’t need to use them for some time. It will increase the rental cost for the contractor.

Putzmeister quick-dismounting boom can either install on the truck pump or on the placing boom according to different demands.

Putzmeister used a quick-dismounting design on this boom. The boom can be dismounted after disconnecting the hydraulic oil hose on the boom and unplugging the pin connects the boom and the rotary table. And then mounted on the top rotary table of the placing boom. The whole procedure will only need 20 minutes.

Compared with the current installation method of the truck pump, this quick-dismounted design is more flexible. And it is also very convenient for the overall replacement of the boom so that the boom can be always in working condition and exerts its maximum utilization.

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