Schwing’s Biggest Concrete Pump: 65M on 12×4 MAN chassis

MAN is one of the world’s top five commercial truck brands and one of the three largest truck manufacturers in Europe. In 1892, MAN engineer Rudolf Diesel invented the world’s first diesel engine. At the same time, in terms of vehicle manufacturing, Man has more than 90 years of technology accumulation and a reputation for its products.

In the field of extremely harsh engineering vehicles, MAN also has a large market share. With excellent stability and efficient high-power output of the power system, MAN has become one of the top choices for many engineering vehicles. As one of the largest concrete machinery manufacturers in Europe, Schwing is also Man’s largest customer. Its longest 5-section 65-meter truck-mounted concrete pump uses a MAN TGS 6-axle chassis.

Gebr. Van Antwerpen family company, the largest contractor in the Netherlands and Belgium, purchased a 65-meter concrete pump from Schwing. The boom length, or the length of this chassis, is considered a top product in the European market.

Scania and Mercedes are more popular, but the users chose the MAN brand chassis because they had a good experience with concrete pumps on MAN chassis before. Thus,  this time they purchased the longest Schwing pump, they still believed in this brand.

The concrete pump chassis model TGS 65.500 is written on the door. The front 65 represents the maximum weight of the vehicle. 500 means the maximum output power of the car’s engine is 500 horsepower. In fact, the weight of the car plus the top weight is 63.5 Ton.

After the modification, the total length of the chassis exceeds 16 meters, and it adopts a 2+4 axle layout, which is the longest heavy-duty chassis of MAN.

X-type front outriggers with telescopic design.

5-section boom with maximum vertical pumping height of 64.25m and horizontal reaches 59.9m.

Bright red chassis with white boom kit, do you like it?

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