Something You Should Know About Schwing’s Longest-Boom Truck Pump: 65 Meters!

Generally, there are 4 types of truck pumps classified by boom length, 

  • The short-boom truck pump with boom length less than 30 meters
  • The conventional-boom truck pump with boom length between 30-40 meters;
  • The long-boom truck pump with boom length between 40-50 meters;
  • The super long-boom truck pump with boom length over 50 meters.

At present, the most common types on the market are conventional-boom truck pumps and long-boom truck pumps. Because for most concrete pouring work, these two types are sufficient enough. However, the super long-boom truck pump is still the best means for big brands to show their technical strength. As a world-renowned concrete machinery brand, Schwing’s flagship truck pump has a boom length of 65 meters and is one of the best products in the European and American markets.

At the Bauma 2016, Schwing displayed this “monster” and became one of the most eye-catching products of the exhibition. As the most important part of construction engineering machinery, concrete machinery has the highest technical requirements, and Schwing represents the top level of technology in the entire concrete machinery field.

The chassis of this 65-meter truck pump was made by the famous American heavy-duty brand MACK. It adopts the three axles in the front and four axles in the rear design. There are four drive wheels, and the front three axles can be steered. The length of the whole vehicle is 16.46 meters. The middlemost axle also supports up and down movement. Under most situations, only 6 bridges are required. If it is a small road with comparative load capacity, the middlemost axle can be lowered down to reduce the load on the ground of each tire.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a V8 engine with a maximum output of 432 horsepower, an 18-speed transmission, and the gross weight of the vehicle is nearly 70 tons.

Even the 7-axle chassis is still not enough for its super long boom. Therefore, the designer extended its boom to the top of the cab, so that each boom can be increased by 1-2 meters after the 2nd boom. The length of its 2nd boom is the longest, reaching 14.5 meters.

This design is commonly used on super long-boom truck pumps. However, when unfolding the boom, it is necessary to lift the 2nd boom first, so that when the 1st boom is raised, the 2nd boom will not collide with the cab.

It adopts the RZ-type boom type, which not only ensures the compactness of the whole boom but also ensures the shortest time of unfolding. In order to increase the strength of the legs, several round holes are added to the rear legs, which will result in higher strength than the use of a single steel plate. At the same time, it is also conducive to the lightweight design.

This 65m truck pump was designed with only 5 booms. After the boom is fully opened, the maximum pumping height can reach 210.9 feet (about 64.3 meters), and the maximum horizontal pumping distance can reach 196.5 feet (about 59.9 meters). ), the maximum pumping depth is 157 feet (about 47.8 meters). After four legs are fully unfolded, the boom can be rotated over a range of 370°. With one side support, the boom can be rotated in the range of 130°. With separate front support, the boom can only work in the range of 60°. The conventional DN125 pump tube is used on the boom, and the maximum theoretical output volume of the truck pump is 162m3/h.

For such a super long-boom truck pump, its disadvantage is that it requires a larger area after the legs are fully opened. Therefore, it is difficult to operate such a monster at some small construction sites. However, in terms of stability, both the weight of the chassis and the span after the legs are fully opened provide the best protection for the truck pump.

So far, this 65-meter truck pump has the best sales in the US market. Whether it is from the influence of the brand or technology, Schwing is a trustworthy brand.

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