The Worldwide 1st 70m Concrete Pump on 5-Axle Chassis!

On March 15th, the world’s first five-axle 70-meter concrete pump was officially released to the industry through a webcast at Hammer Heavy Industry. At the press conference, Mr. Fang Zhan, general manager of Hammer Heavy Industry made a welcome speech, a team that inherited the spirit of the hammer, adhered to the intelligent high-end customized business model, focused on improving the practicability and stability of the product, and cast original design projects. Breakthrough the traditional marketing model with the service concept that was moved beyond expectations.

The 70m concrete pump is the longest boom truck on 5 axles. It is another high-end ingenuity product developed and produced by Hammer Heavy Industry after the 4-axle 63m concrete pump in 2017.

The innovative design of the 5-axle 70-meter concrete pump has broken many records. The maximum pumping height is 69.5 meters and the pumping radius is 65.6 meters. The measured weight of the whole machine is 54.8 tons, which does not exceed the limit of 55 tons under road regulations.

The boom cylinder is made of 20MnTiB, which guarantees strength and lightweight;

The boom adopts the international best design. The combination of the external link and the built-in link structure improves fatigue strength and rigidity. At the same time, the pin is designed to pass through the shaft which greatly reduces the vibration and increased the stability.

Adopting lightweight delivery pipe technology, the pipe thickness is 4.2mm.

Optimized the structural design of the boom, shaft sleeve, cavity, etc., accurate finite element analysis and modal testing;

Improved the design of the drop-off support platform and outrigger bearing structure, which is more stable, more reliable, and lighter in weight;

Non-eccentric hollow-type upper turntable structure, lightweight, and the turntable delivery pipe is assembled externally, making maintenance and maintenance more convenient;

Patented three-section outrigger telescopic structure, single outrigger operation handle, multiple outriggers move in sequence;

Lightweight and customized chassis, aluminum alloy steel pan, transmission case, and other light materials and technology applications.

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