Top 10 Biggest Concrete Pumps In The World!

1. Liebherr 50 5M XXT

Concrete machinery is not Liebherr’s most popular products.  This 50-meter concrete pump is the biggest one in Liebherr’s range. For more details, check out this blog: 

Liebherr’s Latest 50-Meter Concrete Pump With The Max. Capacity Of 163m³/h!

2. Sermac 6RZ-65

Sermac is an Italian brand for concrete machinery with its main market in Europe. 65m with 6 arms is its longest concrete pump.

3. Schwing S65 SX

As the longest concrete pump of Schwing, this 65m pump adopts many proprietary technologies of Schwing and represents the highest level of Schwing products.


Korean JUNJIN has always focused on concrete pumps. It’s mainly sold to Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and America at very competitive prices. JUNJIN’s longest 70m concrete pump is equipped with Mercedes-Benz Actros 6-axle chassis and 6 arms.

5. Putzmeister M70-5

This was the first 70m truck-mounted concrete pump in the world and used to be the longest one. It’s equipped with a 5-axle semi-mounted tractor and another 5-axle chassis as the support for the boom kit before. After cooperating with Mercedes-Benz, Putzmeister replaced the semi-mounted tractor with a 5-axle chassis.


After merging Schwing, XCMG designed and produced this 75m concrete pump as its longest one. It equipped with a 6-axle Mercedes-Benz chassis and 7RZ -type boom design. The maximum vertical pumping height reaches 74.2m. This pump was bought by a customer in 2018 with over USD1.5million.

7. CIFA K80H

As one of the TOP 3 brands of concrete machinery in the world, CIFA was merged by Zoomlion in 2008. This 80m concrete pump is the longest in its range with carbon-fiber boom technology. Some of this model were sold in the market with good performance so far.

8. Zoomlion ZLJ5650THBB 80-7RZ

Zoomlion 80m concrete pump also adopted CIFA carbon-fiber technology on the boom but with only 6-axle chassis which is smaller than the 7-axle chassis of CIFA 80m. According to the official statement, the lifetime of this concrete pump will be 20 years which benefits from the carbon-fiber tech.

9. Sany SY51100THB-86

On the Construction Machinery Expo in Beijing 2011, Sany launched its longest 80m concrete pump and achieved the Guinness World Records before Zoomlion’s 80m. This is the longest steel-boom concrete pump in the world as well.

10. Zoomlion ZLJ5910THBS 101-7RZ

Zoomlion 101m concrete pump is the current owner of Guinness World Records for the longest concrete pump. And it’s the first concrete pump with over 100 meters in history. With CIFA carbon-fiber technology, Zoomlion increased its boom length sharply in a short time.

Which ones of the above concrete pumps have you seen?

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