Two Million Euros? The First 70-Meter Concrete Pump In The World!

For concrete machinery brands, long-boom concrete pumps have always been a major means of showing their technical strength. The technical difficulty of the long-boom concrete pumps is to ensure the rigidity of the boom meanwhile minimize the vibration of the boom during operation.

At the same time, the boom folding type to minimize the height and width of the boom after folding, which is also a significant problem that designers need to consider. Therefore, the longer the boom length is, the more it’s able to show a brand’s comprehensive technical capabilities.

As the world’s top brand of concrete machinery, Putzmeister has the strongest technology accumulation. Therefore, many of the world’s long-boom concrete pump is made by Putzmeister, such as the world’s first 70-meter concrete pump M70-5. 

On the 50th anniversary of Putzmeister, on September 23, 2008, Putzmeister officially released the world’s longest 70-meter concrete pump in Beijing, which is another milestone. It’s shorter than the subsequent Sany 86-meter concrete pump and the Zoomlion 101-meter concrete pump, but at the time of publication, Putzmeister was 3 and 4 years earlier than them.

The concrete pump uses a 10-axle chassis with a body length of 21 meters. However, it is not a truck. Because it uses a 5-axle semi-trailer truck as the tractor, the rear 5 axles are used to carry the upper structure.

Three of the semi-trailer 5 axles are drive axles and contain two hydraulic drive axles that can accommodate low speeds in complex road conditions. It is powered by a Kenworth engine with output up to 370Kw. Why use the semi-trailer? It can reduce the turning radius so that it can enter small construction sites with its 10-axle chassis. The minimum turning radius of this 70m pump is less than 18 meters.

This 70-meter concrete pump has a swinging design for both front and rear outriggers. And the front outriggers are telescopic. After the front outriggers are fully opened, the maximum span is 13.4 meters, and the span for the rear outriggers is 13.8 meters, which take larger space than most concrete pumps.

However, Putzmeister has designed the one-sided support system that can be adapted to some narrow construction sites. At the same time, after the outriggers are opened, the tractor and the rear half of the trailer will be lifted to ensure the overall balance.

The boom of this concrete pump adopts the RZ folding method and a 5-section boom with a maximum pumping height of 69.3 meters and a horizontal maximum pumping distance of 65.1 meters. And at a pumping height of 53 meters, it can reach a horizontal pumping radius of 17 meters. It can pump higher and further than the short-boom concrete pumps. 

Putzmeister equipped this concrete pump with a large-capacity double concrete conveying cylinder, and the maximum theoretical pumping concrete speed can reach 200m3/h. At the same time, all pump pipes are also made of double-layer wear-resistant alloy material, which lasts longer than ordinary pump pipes. The price of the pump was up to 2 million euros at that time.

In other technical aspects, the boom control system of this concrete pump uses only one joystick, which can control all the booms. It is much easier for the operator to use.

In addition, this concrete pump is also equipped with an intelligent displacement control system. The control system of the concrete pump can automatically reduce or increase the engine speed according to the displacement, which can ensure good fuel economy and guarantee its maximum output performance.

3 units of this 70-meter concrete pump were sold in the global market. The reason for making such a 70-meter pump truck, on the one hand, it was to show the technical strength. On the other hand, it was because some customers asked Putzmeister to make a 70-meter concrete pump for them. In 2005, after receiving such an order, Putzmeister spent three years and finally succeeded in research and development.

Since then, in 2011, this 70-meter concrete pump has also participated in the rescue mission of the Fukushima nuclear power plant leakage accident in Japan. Two of the world’s largest transport aircraft transported two 70-meter concrete pumps to the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of concrete machinery, Putzmeister is a very competitive player. However, in 2011, Sany’s longest 86-meter concrete pump launched, refreshing the record of Putzmeister. In 2012, Zoomlion rewrote this record to 101 meters, which is currently the longest concrete pump in the world.

Compared with Putzmeister’s 10-axle chassis, Sany’s 86-meter concrete pump only uses 9 axles, while Zoomlion’s 101-meter concrete pump uses only 7-axle general Scania truck chassis, which are more advanced than Putzmeister. Putzmeister spent 50 years to make the 70 meters, but Zoomlion and Sany only used 20 years to reach a higher level. 

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