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Who Is The Pump King: Zoomlion 101M VS Sany 86M

There are two “Giants” concrete pumps: the 101-meter concrete pump of Zoomlion and the 86-meter concrete pump of Sany.

They both have made the Guinness World’s longest truck-mounted concrete pump records one after another. The current record holder is the Zoomlion 101-meter concrete pump. This record will last for a very long time because there is not much practical value to further increase the boom length. Sany was intended to build a 118-meter all-steel boom truck pump. However, for practical reasons, the idea was finally abandoned. Otherwise, the title of the “longest truck-mounted concrete pump” would be Sany’s.  

Which is more technically difficult, 101m or 86m? Most people may agree that 101-meter technology was more difficult. But the key technology that the two truck pumps have to be compared with is more than just the boom length.


Zoomlion 101-meter pump truck uses a Scania 7-axle general heavy-duty chassis, while Sany’s 86-meter pump truck uses a 9-axle special chassis. Apparently, the general chassis has more advantages. First, the process and cost of R&D have been reduced. Secondly, maintenance with the general chassis is more convenient. The special chassis is too big and heavy, and the 9 axles do not have the flexibility of the 7 axles. 

For the users’ concern, they might be willing to choose the 7-axle general chassis, plus the global influence of the Scania heavy-duty brand and reliable quality performance. No one wants to spend a huge sum of money to try an experimental product.


It is very difficult to increase the length of the boom even by one meter. Today, 47 meters, 49 meters, 52 meters, and 56 meters are the most commonly designed boom lengths by most brands.

Zoomlion 101-meter boom is 15 meters longer than Sany 86 meters, which is a great miracle in the design of the boom. For the boom designer, the problem to consider is not just how to increase the length. The strength of the boom material, the load of the boom, the processing of the boom balance, and how to reduce the boom vibration, etc., all of which need to be re-modeled from mechanics, materials and many other aspects.

The reason why Zoomlion was confident to design a boom more than 100 meters, is from its innovative carbon fiber boom. This 101-meter pump truck uses carbon fiber composites in all last four arms. The carbon fiber boom technology was from the Italian brand CIFA. After Zoomlion merged CIFA, they have combined CIFA’s patented carbon fiber boom technology with its existing steel boom technology to have the current composite boom.

Carbon fiber has a significant effect on weight reduction, which greatly reduces the load of the steel boom itself so that it is possible to build such an ultra-long 101-meter truck pump. Therefore, in terms of boom, Zoomlion has the advantage of CIFA technology.

And Sany’s 86-meter truck pump, all the booms are made of super-strength steel. Like the chassis, Sany still had to do its own research and development. It is reported that Sany spent more than three years and did more than 10,000 sets of tests, and finally broke through the technical barriers of super-strength steel to create the 1800Mpa super-strength steel used in this 86-meter pump boom.

So Zoomlion 101 meters or Sany 86 meters, which one will you choose?

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