Why Are There Pink Concrete Pumps?

Most of the time, construction machinery is a cold machine in our eyes, and often goes into various construction sites, which will inevitably become dirty. “Construction Yellow” is the color of the most common construction machinery and equipment. It will definitely feel monotonous when you see it every day. If suddenly a pink construction machine appears in front of you, what will you think about it? Today, let’s have a look at some pink machines!

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump


 Concrete Truck Mixers




Dump Trucks

If you look closely at these pink construction machinery, you will find that some machines have a “pink ribbon” logo, meaning “breast cancer.” In fact, these machines are painted in pink to awaken everyone’s attention to women’s health. 

Have you seen any pink machines in your city?

Edited by Mars Zhou | Hello-Parts.com

Original source from Wechat ID Tongxingjixie

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